Into the Bubble


Without fail I think a large rain mass follows us around the globe to wherever we have headed. A hurricane hit Florida for my 40th, a cyclone tracked its way through Sydney one Christmas, and a snow bomb caused a state emergency in Boston last year. We are now in San Francisco and true to form, for this city at least, the 4 year long California drought is rapidly coming to an end.

Our friends Susan and Leslie live here in the Bay Area of San Francisco, but are currently blogging their way around the world and have just hit Antarctica! Their plan was to escape the Bay Area Bubble, as they call it, where every aspect of the world and life is trapped within San Francisco bay’s microclimate.

We resoundingly fail get to grips with bubble life within this all encompassing and enlightening city and instead pathetically spend the first 36 hours of our trip walking through the soggy mist to see a brief glimpse of one of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge through the fog, eating pot-stickers in the alleyways of Chinatown and buying cheap Levis in the Levi store on Market street.

We also deal with the interminable issue of Jet lag in our now customary way- ‘Trivia Night’ at the local gay bar- a pub quiz where we team up with Andrew and Charlie and put in a very respectful performance as a bi-continental team. We follow up our success by joining forces with Walter, Zerin, Mike and the odd-looking-bloke-with-roaming-hands to play pool until the bar shuts and they throw us out. We’re eight hours behind UK time but still awake!

Elated at the thought of beating Jet lag, the following morning we find ourselves trapped in our own Bay Area Bubble as one almighty jet-lagged-pub-quiz-pool-night fueled hangover kicks in…

Liam, San Francisco, USA, 19 January 2016

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  1. Elaine Holman says:

    Perhaps it could be the ‘Barbara’ effect …