The Final Final Final Countdown…

This is ReluctantTourist’s very first post. Use the links at the bottom of the post to trek through them all in date order. There are now well over 100 separate posts covering four years of travelling…


Dear Reader, welcome to the, the travel blog of Mark and Liam.

If you’re reading this it means that you have too little going on in your life and should find a hobby or a friend. However you could do worse, this will be a better read than the Daily Mail, and we hope to bring you a few tales and laughs over the next few weeks to cheer up the autumn and winter evenings.

As you know I am the grumpy, bad-tempered one and Liam is the enthusiastic, happy, lycra wearing one. Between us we hope that we can keep you entertained. You can follow us on Twitter at @Reluctant_T or leave us a comment at

7 Days to go… The Timetable – After a false start in August caused by a hernia, a visit to Saudi Arabia, some chronic hypochondria and a flu virus we are finally heading off to South-east Asia. While the Hove based doctors and clinics heave a sigh of relief and book their holidays we should be boarding our flight to Shanghai on 20 September. We might be back earlier than expected if work commitments demand, but fingers crossed we will be away until 22 November, and will get the chance to visit China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India.

The Route – We start in Shanghai, then travel to Putoshan (an island) some mountains – Huangshan and then north to Beijing – including the Great Wall. From there we head south to Ho Chi Min in Vietnam and up to the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and then on to the beaches of Thailand and Bangkok. In late October we fly to Kochi in India and then travel up the west coast of the sub-continent passing through Goa, Mumbai and through to Delhi and Agra.

Preparation – We have enough mosquito fighting equipment to last us for several weeks, micro towels, first-aid kit, headband torches, marmite, Swiss army knives, Solar charger, Tupperware and all weather wear.  I now own 3 sets of walking shoes and Liam has about 10 electronic devices that all do the same thing, but all need a different charger.  The Kindles are loaded and Kate Bush’s Yeti song is cued.

What are we doing? – As you might imagine our interests are diverse. Our stories might not be historical essays on the temples of the Himalayas (partly because we’re not going there), but you will be able to see where we have stayed, what we have eaten and things that we have found interesting. You can hear Liam sneezing in amazing places, see the results of some hot curries, and find out which bars we have visited. Listen to Liam picking his ear in an ancient burial ground or biting his nails with the Dalai Lama. Each day there will be a new headline and pictures, without doubt there will be some incredible illnesses and treatments.

Mark Camillin – 12 September 2012 –  Hove, UK

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9 Responses to The Final Final Final Countdown…

  1. Elaine says:

    I can feel the excitement growing from my side of the Avenue!! Lots of love and big hugs. E xx

  2. ariane says:

    Just because you’re blogging it doesn’t mean you get out of sending me and jess postcards. And a map with where you’ve been on it! xx

  3. Tracie says:

    Well I’ve seen the mountain of equipment, that is somehow going to fit into those small, I mean perfectly sized back packs. Please remember that you’re doing this for all of us. So have the most amazing time and come back in one piece, wiser than ever with a million pictures and stories to share. Love Txx

  4. Kaz says:


  5. Gary says:

    I will only believe you’ve finally gone when I see a photo of you in a foreign country holding a paper dated with that days date!

    Are you both going to continue running whilst out there? Hmm – washing sweaty lycra in the hotel sink will be nice.

    Have a great time,

  6. Samantha says:

    Hi Guys

    Look forward to hearing all about your trip, enjoy

  7. Silvia Arnone says:

    I love you two and would have happily snuck in your suitcases or backpacks !
    Have an amazing time, I will think of you often and laugh out loud at your tales,leave nothing out!!
    I know you’ll take a ridiculous amount of photos/slides that we will then have to endure whilst eating some delectable fare you so often lavish us with,so snap away!
    I have one request……come back safely 😉
    Much,much love,now get going xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Maria says:

    Excellent – something to keep me entertained whilst feeding Max in the nights! Best of Luck on your journey – looking forward to follow it on this site! Lots of Love, Maria

  9. annie says:

    I really don’t like the idea of seeing where you sleep each night. Cant you keep that bit to yourselves and show us something more interesting like the paint drying on the walls or Mark saying ‘Well….’ at the beginning of each sentence?!
    Really though, have a good time. You are very brave going away with Mark for so long. I went away with him for a week once and that has been enough for the 30 years since!
    Lots of kisses, Annie xx