Goggle Eyed in Salta

Salta is the Watford Gap of Argentina, a sort of staging post between Buenos Aires and Peru. 
A road was built to enable transportation of Lithium, silver, vanilla and sugar from South America called the Pan American highway, from Buenos Aires to Alaska. Along the 48,000 kilometres of road Salta is the stopping point on the northern Argentinian national route 7, somewhere to change your clothes, buy a coffee and eat some empanadas.

As with all journeys whether you’re a hobbit with a ring, or a Jedi knight looking for his dad, stopovers enroute are essential. It helps explain the transient feeling in Salta: the central square is full of backpackers waiting for their lift to Peru – a two day journey or people like us having a stopover at 1200m altitude to help with our acclimatisation before moving higher to La Paz at 3500m.

There’s little to say about Salta as we found out on our free walking tour, the main work here is agriculture growing vegetables, or mining for lithium, there’s a carmilite convent with 20 or so women shut off from the world, a cathedral, a church, a museum with 4 mummified children who were Inca offerings to the gods, preserved perfectly by the dryness of their tombs in the Andes a cable car taking you to one of the mountains and 600,000 people living in a 3km by 20 km grid of streets. 


The climate is sub-tropical raining most in the summer months, hot and close in the afternoons forcing you to take a siesta. Salta’s plan is to grow their tourism and encourage more visitors.


We are here for 2 nights on our way to Bolivia and Peru.


Mark, Salta, Argentina, 16 January 2017



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4 Responses to Goggle Eyed in Salta

  1. A. Has-Been says:

    God, sounds like you are regretting staying there 2 nights! Have you hooked up with your guided tour yet or are you still on your ownsomes? Im going to read some more now….. maybe it will tell me?
    A xxxx

    • Mark says:

      The tour starts tomorrow in Bolivia, Salta was ok and we needed to stay there to start our altitude acclimatisation

  2. Tracey Pemberton says:

    ’24 hours in Salta isn’t that the line of a song?? Have a fab trip looking forward to following your blog Trace x