Going Through the Mangle


 . Why do this to yourself? This isn’t a holiday this is an assault on the body. . I had no idea when we booked this trip quite what we were letting ourselves in for, it all seems so exciting …

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La Paz and Waltzing Matilda


If you look to the side of this post or at the comments on the last two posts you’ll see a couple of comments from our friend Annie (A. Has-Been) where she picks up on our slightly down feeling and …

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Goggle Eyed in Salta


  Salta is the Watford Gap of Argentina, a sort of staging post between Buenos Aires and Peru.    A road was built to enable transportation of Lithium, silver, vanilla and sugar from South America called the Pan American highway, …

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Let sleeping dogs lie


  Esteban the dog sleeps in the shop entrance. It’s Sunday afternoon in Salta and the streets are empty. The powerfully hot sun beats down, and the occasional light breeze fans the mad dogs and Englishmen who roam the streets in the hot …

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The Day of the Dead


  Is it true that if you spend long enough in a cemetery the dead will talk to you? One of the places to visit in Buenos Aires is the cemetery in Recoleta, like Brompton or Highgate it is monumental …

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Pre-Altitude Training


      From tomorrow we’re alcohol free for a while as we prepare for climbing to higher altitudes. The various bits of advice we’ve received suggest that many things are to be omitted from our diet before we head …

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Don’t Cry for me Argentina


Walking through the centre of Buenos Aires is not pleasant, it is noisy, polluted and difficult to navigate. A large road possibly three or four times the width of Oxford Street passes like a backbone down the centre. Unlike the …

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The Barrios of Buenos Aires


  Avenue 9 de Julio We awake on Avenue 9 de Julio after the events of the night before. Somewhere across the city is an empty apartment abandoned by its UK visitors just after they arrived. The NH hotel is located …

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The Dirty Apartment


So here’s a story….. Yesterday we flew to Buenos Aires on an emirates flight from Dubai. The smelly plane roared as it took off and a small child screeched continuously for 30 minutes, imagine.   There was a sense of …

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It’s Acai for breakfast, dinner and tea…


12 Health Benefits of Acai Berries The acai berry is an indigenous berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This antioxidant-rich fruit has been heralded for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit. 1. Heart Health Similar …

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